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Sequenchel has gone live

It’s been a couple of interesting months. We’ve been adding new features to Sequenchel while constantly checking if the older ones still worked. As it turns out the basis is solid and everything seems to work as intended.

Sequenchel is a collection of functionalities that we have developed over the past 8 years. Originally it was spread out over 3 different applications that each had part of the functionality, but by putting it together we could extend that even further. First there was the monitoring database. Ironically this database was designed to operate without any user interface or the need thereof. It still does, but you can use the interface to create and update this database. It now serves as sequenchel’s main database. The second part was a reporting tool build about 6 years ago that had the ability to adapt to the database with a minimum of configuration to do. The goals was to create simple reports without the need for a 2-week introduction or an expensive consultant. We never got the join clauses right at that time, so we cheated and put in a fixed join clause per tableset. We were able to fix this now and building the query should be completely dynamic. The third part sits somewhere in the middle and consists of an easy way to view tables with the possibility to update or delete records as well. These 3 parts should make life for the DBA a lot simpeler and more fun.

The DBA database part of Sequenchel already found it’s way to several customers where I have worked over the years. The monitoring done by this database proves itself every time, even when the customer already has a monitoring tool. For every customer the database was developed further and improved until the day came when an interface became the next step. At that point we sat round the table first to discuss what this new application should be able to do and it was then and there we decided to bundle the 3 pilars for the DBA. The pilars were almost there and all we needed to do was build a roof over them. Well, it wasn’t quite that simple but you probably get my point.

The monitoring tool from the old days was named DataVision but it turned out there were many tools named like that and one tool actually had similar functionalities, althoug for MySQL and Java. The search for a new name began. We made a list of possible names and sent that to 50 people we worked with. Funny enough, Sequenchel wasn’t among them. With the answers we got we started puzzeling and we melted a few of the names together into Sequenchel and the slogun became: Quench your SQL thirst. Another name that poped up was Digital Bonus (Application) that we could abbreviate to DBA. We added that one as a subtitle so the whole name now is: Sequenchel, a Digital Bonus Application or in SQL Server notation: SQL.[DBA]

We have tried to make the manual as simple as possible, but it is still written from a DBA point of view. It is always possible we took something for granted that we shouldn’t have. Leave any questions or sugestions you may have in the forum and any praise in the testimonials. We hope you enjoy life and work with Sequenchel.




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Sequenchel has gone live It’s been a couple of interesting months. We’ve been adding new features to Sequenchel while constantly checking if the older...

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