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Using any part of this website or any product of Thicor Services means you agree with these terms.

  • Thicor Services is not in any way responsible for any damage that is a direct or indirect result from using this website or any software product created or provided by Thicor Services.
  • Sequenchel has several procedures to manage databases that can be destructive if used improperly or by unqualified personnel. The use of these or any other procedures provided by Sequenchel are completely at the user's own risk.
  • Sequenchel can be used for a trial period of 30 days before purchasing a license. By buying a license you confirm that you are satisfied with Sequenchel. 
  • Licenses are valid for the duration for 1 year after purchase. Sequenchel does not automatically stop after this time. When the license expires you may receive an invoice but if that is not the case, you are required to contact Thicor Services and request to renew your license. Not hearing from us does not relieve you of having to pay for the license.
  • Sequenchel is tested in a test environment and in a real live environment, but we can never take responsibility for any part of Sequenchel not functioning properly or as advertised. Some functionality may be environment specific. By downloading and using Sequenchel you agree to our terms.