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Monitor logins and users on all servers and databases

Monitor all SQL server in your network from a single location

Monitor your data the easy way

Easy DBA, Reporting, Auditing

Sequenchel will simplify your DBA career and make your work more fun.
Save time on standard tasks with up to 80%.

Monitor your data

Use Sequenchel to monitor all your databases and servers and get automated reports on the status of your SQL Servers.

Easy access to all your data

Access and search any database, any table to see the latest status of your data. Sequenchel offers several ways to manipulate this data or the option to show all as read-only. Maintaining your data will become a lot easier.

Create reports on your data

Creating a report on your data is a breeze. Simply click on the fields you want in your report and type in your criteria. Reuse reports that have been set up by others.
Just click and save.

Collect auditing data

Collect data about logins and usage of all your SQL Servers. Prove to the auditor that you have your network under control.

Create a basic data warehouse

Create a data warehouse for central reporting on all your data, both current and historical.


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